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automata-gen provides an easy framework (Automata Class) to generate Cellular Automata, including timing, size of the universe, maximum iterations, and more.

Features include difference between state and display, hooks to different parts of the running lifecycle, and simple design that requires no dependencies!


Personally, Cellular Automata are a fascinating subject!

Although there are a lot of academic papers which discuss the various applications of this simple concept, there was no simple way to generalize and visualize creating cellular automata.

It should be noted that the generator is not able to generate every type of cellular automata, particularly cellular automata that involve "direction" of a cell (see Langton's Ant and the like).


To use this package using npm:

npm install automata-gen

or using yarn:

yarn add automata-gen


Demo of examples built in a React app can be found here.

The source code of the Examples:


Further Documentation can be found here.

Personal Note

automata-gen is the first package I have felt confident enough to publish!

I have been learning how to code in my free time for several months now in addition to my computer science degree.

After using so much open source software, this would be my first contribution back to the computer science community.

Thank you,


P.S. For those programmers that are coding Conway's Game of Life, you can make much more complex automata then that with this package for very little additional technical complexity.